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We develop and assist in development of software bound systems for the following types of systems: Military, Aerospace, Homeland Security, Medical, Industrial, Communication and Dairy Farming.

We are a knowledge based firm that utilizes and provides the knowhow for software systems development throughout its various stages.

These stages are: Concept Formation, System Engineering, Software Architecture, Project Design, Software Development and Testing and Final Deployment.

We also provide customization and non standard system elements, if so required.

We have provided to our customers skilled expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Architecture and high level design of software and software development project conduct design that yields both accurate time and resources required for the project befor a single line of code is written as well as resilience of the architectural structure to future and inevitable modifications due to constant requirements change.
  • Development of software products in a wide range of technologies and integration between technologies - starting with systems based on Microsoft’s .Net technology through Hand held Windows CE systems to microcontroller based real time systems.
  • Operation design and human engineering of airborne and naval systems.
  • Writing system design specifications that comply with military, medical and industrial standards.
  • Utilization of modern software development methodologies that acheives development speed and increase the quality and the reliability of the software product.
  • Avionics systems engineering.

TAGAR Computer Systems is committed to constant technology update, ingenuity and top quality professionalism.