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Outsourcing of skilled personnel

We provide our clients with teams and individuals foe engineering and development of vaious multi-disciplines computer-based systems for variety of applications. Our outsourcing services were mainly provided to our clients from the security, HLS and communications sectors.

Aspects of Work Provided to Our Clients by Outsourcing

During their outsourced work out employees worked in the following aspects:
  • Avionics Systems Engineering.
  • UI and UX and human engineering of airborne and seaborne systems.
  • Digital communication system engineering.
  • Engineering of Communications, Command and Controland Intelligence systems.
  • Telephony systems engineering.
  • Wide band communication systems engineering.
  • Specification writing for the above mentioned systems, coding the software, and documenting the systems according to civil or military standards.
  • Real Time embedded systems engineering
  • Utilization of modern software design and development methodologies that yield faster development, increased product quality and robustness, increased scalability and big savings throughout the product's lifecycle.