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Software Architecture for Connecting Field Workers to Mekorot's Back Office

Mekorot logo

Mekorot is the National Water Company of Israel.

Mekorot's responsibilities are multidimensional:

  • Integrated management of all types of water in a single system:
    desalinated water, well water, surface water, brackish water, treated wastewater, and floodwater
  • Water supply to all sectors: households, agriculture, and industry
  • Use of engineering models for operational optimization and energy efficiency
  • Water production - seawater and brackish water desalinization
  • Hydrology and drilling
  • Advanced treated wastewater management and operations
  • Water treatment and quality
  • Cyber, water security, protection of water sources and supply

We designed for Mekorot the software architecture for a platform that securely connects field workers to Mekorot's back-office systems from anywhere any-time.

Field workers utilize applications installed on commercial cellular phones.
The design also supports field worker's work in disconnected mode when Internet connection is unavailable and data synchronization on Internet connection resumption.

Business Objectives of the design were:

  • Cost reduction by increased efficiency of field workers
  • Increase accuracy of remote workers reports
  • Seamless remote work-items assignments to individual field worker
  • Increase efficiency of field personnel management
  • Data collection for future BI use

After approval of the design by Mekorot we prepared a Project Design (PD) and delivered the complete blue print for the development phase.
PD is based on Critical Path Method .

Each task item was delivered exactly on time.

Following is a recommendation letter received from Mekorot's CTO (Written in Hebrew with freehand English translation that follows it):

English translation of the above letter on Mekorot's letterhead:

June 30, 2021

Re: Architecture for connecting mobile systems to organization back-office systems

  1. Mekorot is undergoing a wide-range re-organization, that also includes digital transformation. Mobile applications for the use of Mekorot's employees are a significant part of that transformation.
  2. These applications are in the major activities of Mekorot: water supply, water quality, maintenance etc. and their main characteristic is interface to Mekorot's back-office organizational systems (SAP mainly).
  3. Mr. Jabotinsky prepared for us an architecture design for connecting mobile applications to Mekorot's back-office organizational systems using the IDesign methodology.
  4. Mr. Jabotinsky studied the current situation and the needs of Mekorot and gained deep understanding of it. He conducted a series of meetings with the technical parts of Mekorot, identified the constraints and the failure points and proposed, on the schedule allocated, to Mekorot modern message-based software architecture for the implementation of these interfaces.
  5. It is evident that Mr. Jabotinsky has deep architectural and organizational understanding.

Best regards,

Zvika Gleichman